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     E-commerce in utm portal is a facility provided by universiti teknologi malaysia (utm) for our clients in making payments online with or without bil through meps fpx and credit card facility,

    Source: Admin (05-10-2013)

     Utm-ecommerce facility is ready for use.

    for any inquiries (except for gsms and fees categories), please email us at [utm bursarys online systems] thank you.

    Source: Admin (04-10-2013)

  • Benefits

     Vips payment gateway is an essential part of payment processing.

    while a merchant account authorizes you to accept credit cards online, the payment gateway is the application that processes each transaction and deposits fund into your companys designated bank account.

    while most of clients choose to bundle their vip merchant account with our gateway payment, there are those with already established internet merchant account from their bank who prefer the flexibility if utilizing our gateway services alone. whether you are using it bundle with vip merchant account or on its own payment gateway includes the following features :

     Secure, real-time transactions. our secure payment transaction module communicates in real time.

    because of this, vip provides the merchant and their customers instant notification that their transaction has been approved.

    this merchant solution allows for sale, encrypted transactions to be processed via the internet.

    an added benefit to the transaction module is that multiple transactions can be processed simultaneously therefore saving valuable time.

     Online reports. merchant have real time access to our detailed online reports 24 hours a day.

    users reference manual. please refer the e-commerce in utm user manual (guidelines) for a complete instruction on using this system the bursar

     To facilitate the payment process, please use internet explorer (ie) version 9 or google chrome version 4.1 browser only.

  • Terms & Conditions

     Please ensure all information are accurate before payment is made.

     Please ensure that you close or disable the popup blocker on the web browser before making any payment.

    please follow the instructions on the transaction screen until the payment process is completed and payment receipt is displayed.

    utm will not be responsible if the receipt and validation of transaction screen cannot be displayed as a result of the pop-up blocker issue in your browser.

     Please do not close the pop-up page displayed during the commencement of fpx transaction in order to facilitate a successful transaction.

     Fpx service charge of rm 0.53 per transaction is charged to your personal account inclusive of gst.

     Please print or save the payment transaction receipt.

    this receipt is valid and can be used as proof of payment.

     Payment will be update within 2 working days upon receiving payment data from utm host bank.

    (if there are no technical system problems).

     The fpx payment service operating hours is from 7 am to 11 pm including weekends and public holidays.

     All payment are not refundable.

    * for prospective users, please ensure that you have fully understand the admission requirement before making programme/activity payment.

     Gst 6% is charged where applicable.

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